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Western Interior Design Group Ltd was incorporated in 1991 as a full service commercial interior design studio with integrated procurement and construction management. Our commercial clients were the original drivers behind Western taking on procurement and construction management responsibilities. After spending time building relationships with them, becoming immersed in their businesses, it was clients who asked, “Could you do the purchasing for us?” “Could you manage the trades on our behalf?”

Thus, rather than deserting our clients in their hour of need, at the time of tender, Western instead remains engaged with them throughout the process, transparently supporting them in the purchasing of product, including finishes, fixtures and furniture; and the management of trades. Our area of expertise is specifically in Tenant Improvement, more commonly referred to as TI. We have projects in all commercial sectors, designing and building hotels, restaurants, medical clinics, elder care facilities, retail stores, spas, salons, offices, multi-unit residential developments - even a superyacht marina and a radio station!


Yes, absolutely, we do things differently than most designers, particularly in the commercial sector. That is because while yes, we are Registered Interior Designers, we are in fact much more. We are also trained in project management, technical documentation and engineering, and are licensed and insured as General Contractors. While you may know us through our engagement in the design community, design is, in fact, only a small part of what we do.


As Registered Interior Designers, we work with the clients to design the project, then we produce all required technical drawings and specifications. As Project Coordinators, we send those documents to local engineers and architects, gathering proposals for their services on our clients’ behalf. We then work with those allied professionals and shepherd the entire team through the process of design to permit.

As General Contractors, we then fully quote, schedule and contract the project. This includes the purchasing of all electrical and plumbing fixtures, all finishing materials including carpet, tile, wallcovering and millwork, and the coordination of all subtrades, including demolition, framing and backing, drywall, ceilings and suspended elements, painting and wallcovering, tilers and hardwood flooring installers. All trades are hired and managed by us. All product is purchased and installed by us. We are a ‘one stop shop’ for our clients, taking all of the intimidation out of the construction process. Our projects range from supplying and installing a single desk for a repeat client to full hospitality renovations in excess of $5 million.

As Procurement Specialists, we specify, have quoted and purchase hospitality and office furniture directly from over 50 major manufacturers internationally, then package all items into a single order, shipped, received, unpacked, assembled and installed by our trades. These purchasing relationships were put in place prior to the modern dealer arrangements that have since become the standard. While such grandfathered arrangements would not be offered in the new modern structure of business, these purchasing relationships have been very successful for all parties over the last 28 years and continue to be honoured.


As a client, this means you have hit the jackpot. There is no part of this process that we will not guide you through. Every aspect of your project matters to us, and we will work with you to resolve whatever issues arise – because they always do! In addition, all our services are available a la carte. You can pick and choose which services best serve you and your project: design, procurement and construction management.